More details about Dell’s late-summer subnotebooks


Some more details were revealed recently concerning Dell’s impending subnotebooks. There will be two different base configurations; one with an 8.9-inch LCD called the Dell “E” (how creative) and a 12.1-inch version called the Dell “E Slim.”

The 8.9-inch notebooks will all contain a 1.6GHz Atom processor and can be configured with conventional hard drives, solid-state drives, web cams, and more RAM. Pricing will start at $299 for the Dell “E Classic,” which will be the baseline model.

The 12.1-inch model looks interesting in that it’ll have a relatively large screen, full-sized keyboard, but will only weigh 2.6 pounds. Apparently there will be one version with a 40GB hard drive and 1GB RAM and another with a 60GB hard drive, slight processor bump, and 2GB RAM. Looks pretty intriguing, no?


Both of these notebook lines will have an instant-on operating system called “BlackTop,” which should provide rudimentary web surfing and other general merriment without booting into the full-fledged Windows or Linux operating system.

All of these should be available by late August or early September.

via Engadget