High-tech bubble bath machine for dogs

IDEC Corp. yesterday unveiled [JP] a bathing machine for dogs. The jacuzzi system consists of a main unit (27.5×27.5x43cm), a shower head, and a hose. IDEC’s proprietary GALF makes it possible to produce microbubbles as small as 20μm on average, with a density of 600,000 bubbles/cm3. A compressor is not needed.

The bubble generator is called “Wan love yu” which means “Dogs love warm water”. The small size of the bubbles makes it possible to penetrate your dog’s skin and hair, creating a massaging effect and eliminating the need for shampoo.

Previously IDEC sold this technology to factories, public baths, and resort facilities. The dog jacuzzi system will be available only in Japan starting June 20th. IDEC didn’t disclose any pricing information but some Japanese web sites say dog lovers or pet salons must be ready to spend a whopping $6,000-$7,000 for it.

Via Tech On