Intel says USB 3 on its way, despite AMD and Nvidia's complaints

usb3While I personally think USB 2.0 is reasonably fast way to transfer data, some of you are more impatient than I am. I can load a film onto my iPod Touch in a matter or seconds, but some of you want it more instantly, and you’re about to get your way. Intel is leading the development of the spec with HP and Microsoft. The reason it’s not here yet is grousing on the part of AMD and Nvidia, who quietly claim that Intel is locking them out of development of the spec, thereby locking USB 3 to Intel-only chipsets.

This isn’t the case, says Intel, and it has publicly stated now that it’s making things as open for its competitors as possible.

The Intel host controller spec is expected to be unveiled to the industry as soon as possible, in the second half of the year. The impatience of our fellow chipset-makers (as described in the press) to leverage Intel’s investment and begin to design great USB 3.0 supporting devices of their own is however very encouraging and should aid a fast USB 3.0 adoption ramp.

Oh, snap. Zip, thump. Now let’s try to get it out in 2009, please, Intel?