Nintendo planning USB devices for the Wii

Nintendo of America just posted a job opening on its website for a “Software/Hardware Tester”. Among the job’s responsibilities was creating a plan to bring USB devices to the Wii. It was reported that the job posted 3 days ago on, but when I went there today I couldn’t find it.

At this time Nintendo has not publicly mentioned that is has plans to bring USB devices to the Wii other than the USB keyboard that is already available.

If Nintendo is indeed planing to take advantage of its USB capabilities, this would make the storage space issues (among others) a thing of the past. All you would have to do is plug in an external drive, and bam, more space for games.

This could be overthinking things, but Nintendo said this last week: “Consumers have the option of either deleting the game and downloading it again for no additional Wii Points, or transferring the game from Wii to external SD memory card.”

This makes it sound like maybe Nintendo isn’t planning an external USB drive for the Wii. But if its not a drive, what else could it be?