Solar briefcase for your laptop-enhanced picnics

O brave new world, with such products in it!

Now honestly, it sounds nerdy, but as a blogger I can’t think of anything nicer than taking a blanket and a wireless broadband card out to a park and blogging all day in the sun (if we had sun here in Seattle this spring). Trouble is, my old MacBook Pro only has enough juice for two hours maximum, what with me constantly having a Super Nintendo game and a nature documentary running in the background at all times in addition to the wireless. How to stay up?

How about a solar cell briefcase? Opti-Solar is making this (extremely expensive) briefcase that opens up to harvest the power of the sun and turn it back around for 75 watts of power. $1500 is a lot to pay for something like that, but the idea is cool. I’ll get one when they can be rolled up — although this one has the benefit of doubling as a picnic table when it’s cloudy.