Nokia N85, N79, 5800, 6260 all snapped in the wild

One leak is nice, but not all that uncommon. Getting two or three leaks at once from the same company is, by all means, a rare treat. But four? Thats like finding a pot of gold while flying through space in your cold fusion powered hover car.

Some in-the-know Nokian pushed a big photoset of unreleased devices to Flickr. Whether it was an intentional leak or someone just forgot to make the album private, we may never know. It’s since been pulled, but GSM Arena nabbed’em before they went down.

Nokia N85

So far, the N85 is lookin’ like a prettier N95. Both are 2-way sliders with 5 megapixel AutoFocus Carl Zeiss cameras. The N85 appears to pull a lot, both aesthetically and functionally, from the recently released N78 — especially with use of what appears to be a touch d-pad (NaviWheel)


Though it’s the numerical successor to the N78, it seems a bit less visually influenced by it than the N85 above. The keypad is a bit more standard than it’s numerical younger brother. It’s hard to tell from the picture whether or not that ring around the D-Pad is a NaviWheel, but it’d be surprising if the N79 dropped the feature. Expect it to be 3G, and running Symbian S60.

Nokia 5800 XpressMedia (Tube)

This is certainly the best lookin’ use of the Xpress name thus far. 3.2 Megapixel Carl Zeiss camera with dual flash, big ol’ resistive touch screen. I’m not a big fan of the “Tube” nickname; unless you can put a series of them together to build the internet, it’s not a tube.

Nokia 6260:

This is the second Nokia we’ve discussed lately that rehashes a model number already in use. Nokia’s not exactly running out of numbers, so whats up? Tryin’ to make it harder to off’em on eBay?