LG KT610 S60 QWERTY clamshell hands-on'd

MobileBurn has managed to get a hands-on with LG’s latest QWERTY clamshell, the KT610, which is possibly LG’s ugliest clamshell to date.

Now, don’t get me wrong; LG can make some gorgeous looking handsets — but this isn’t one of’em. How do you go from something like the LG Dare, with its tight lookin’ angles and smooth finish, to this? The exterior isn’t half bad – but as soon as it’s flipped open it looks like one of those bargain bin toy cellphones meant to make kids feel like grown ups. It’s the Env2 keyboard, sans any of the stuff that makes it look nice.

Software wise, the KT610 should be outstanding: It’s running Symbian S60 3rd Edition, with a bunch of Google apps installed out of the box – a big ol’ step up from the proprietary OS running on the Env2. I just hope that QWERTY keypad gets a bit of polish before the handset ships.