iPhone vs iPhone 3G (rubber version) size comparison


Being that I’m of Norwegian ancestry, I’m the obvious candidate here at CrunchGear.com for translating web pages written in Chinese, right? Well believe it or not, I don’t understand Chinese, LOL! Luckily a picture’s worth a thousand symbols (that I don’t otherwise recognize), and Hong Kong’s iPhone User Group has a few photos of what appears to be a size comparison between the original iPhone and a rubber-like mold of the iPhone 3G.

The original iPhone is 115(L) x 61(W) x 11.6(H) mm and the iPhone 3G will be 115.5(L) x 62.1(W) x 12.3(H) mm – ever so slightly bigger, although the photos seem to indicate that the size difference is negligible at best. It could even be argued that the enhanced curviness of the iPhone 3G makes it appear smaller.

Here’s a couple more photos.



More photos here at iPUG.HK.

via CNET Asia