Are airline passengers a market for disposable DVDs?


Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny! recently took a disposable Flexplay DVD for a spin and, although he’s “publicly poo-pooed the idea of disposable DVDs,” Zatz found that disposable DVDs might be able to gain favor with frequent travelers.

He grabbed a copy of Disturbia for $6 before boarding a recent flight and was actually able to use the DVD past its 48-hour expiration limit (the discs are supposed to cloud up after being exposed to air for more than 48 hours) as well as use Handbrake to rip the DVD into “something usable”.

We’ve covered disposable DVDs before and the comments on the subject boiled down to “too expensive” and “pretty wasteful” – but would you spend $6 on a disposable DVD before boarding an airplane? And also, what’s the draw to Shia LaBeouf? Why is this kid in every movie?