‘Barbie Girls’ site finally adds a V.I.P option


Geez, it’s about time. Mattel has finally added a $6-per-month premium account option for the Barbie Girls web site. GigaOM wonders if $72 per year is worth it for parents “so their little girls can enjoy playing with Barbies that don’t in the strictest sense, exist?” I don’t know about parents, but I make my own money and can spend it on whatever I want. So I, for one, find $72 per year to be a downright steal.

The “Barbie Girls V.I.P” accounts look about a thousand times better than “Barbie Girls Basic” accounts. If you upgrade, you’ll get to design your own character with exclusive hairstyles and makeup, plus you’ll get awesome members-only accessories like purses and jewelry.

Plus, you’ll get way better clothes, furniture for your virtual bedroom, online pets and pet accessories, virtual makeovers, fashion shows, special tiaras and hairstyles, and, like, a million other fabulous upgrades. I feel bad for the loser girls that can’t afford to go V.I.P and have to stick with “Barbie Girls Basic” accounts.

via GigaOM