WWDC development sessions to be about 33% iPhone

If the sessions at this year’s WWDC are any indication, it’s safe to say that Apple is looking for the iPhone to blow up as a development platform. According to PC World’s count, around 33% of the 150+ sessions will be dedicated to development on the iPhone.

Around 50% of the remaining sessions will be general Mac stuff — accessibility, Cocoa, etc — with the last 17% focusing on IT.

More interestingly than this year’s stats will be to look at how much session time the iPhone commands next year. It’ll be a good gauge of just how well the iPhone platform is doing. The iPhone 2.0 SDK is a hot topic for developers right now, with the idea of legitimate/supported third party development fresh on the minds of many. If, in one year, the iPhone still garners enough interest from developers to allot it a chunk of time which rivals that given to their full-blown OS, Apple has certainly done something right.