VUDU Wireless Kit now available for $79


VUDU, makers of the Internet-connected set-top movie streaming box shown above, has just released a new wireless kit that can be added to your existing VUDU box for $79. It’ll also be available as part of a new package for $349, which will include the VUDU set-top box and the wireless kit, saving you about $30.

The wireless kit is really easy to set up and doesn’t require any configuration between your router and the VUDU box, so it’ll be perfect for people who don’t want to spend all night setting everything up. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

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Innovative Plug-and-Play Solution Makes It Simple for Consumers to

Set Up VUDU in Any Room

Santa Clara, CA.  June 5, 2008 — VUDU Inc., the company that brings instant access to video content to the living room, today announced the release of the VUDU Wireless Kit, a new wireless solution that lets consumers enjoy their VUDU set top box anywhere in their home without the need for ethernet cables.

“Following the rapid success and strong following we’ve already achieved for the VUDU box, we’re now taking the next step to offer even greater convenience to video fans,” said Patrick Cosson, VP of Marketing for VUDU. “Our customers have been asking for a wireless solution, and we’ve responded with a hassle-free and secure solution that does not require complicated configuration.  VUDU users can now enjoy the ultimate viewing experience in any room in the house, no matter where their broadband connection enters their home.” 

The plug-and-play VUDU Wireless Kit makes it simple for consumers to create a wireless network in their home that is dedicated to the VUDU set top box.  This arrangement frees consumers from the constraints of physical cables and complicated wireless configurations.

To easily set up the VUDU Wireless Kit, a wireless base station plugs into the existing broadband router and a receiver plugs into the VUDU box creating a dedicated and secure 802.11g wifi network. The wireless kit supports the full range of VUDU functionality, including instant-on for HD content, bandwidth permitting.

The VUDU Wireless Kit will retail for $79 starting today.  A complete wireless bundle including both the VUDU box and the VUDU Wireless Kit is also available for $349. Visit for more information.

VUDU’s movie download service gives movie fans the ultimate in flexibility and choice.  Consumers can finally watch the right movie at the right time — no planning needed, no computer required, no cable TV or satellite service necessary.