FIFA 09 promises '50,000 combinations' of tactics'. Sure it does.


Like sands in the hourglass, EA will release FIFA ’09, presumably, this fall, with all sorts of pretend new features. Today there’s word that EA will pack “50,000 different combinations of tactics.” If there’s ever been a less meaningful phrase in the history of the English speaking peoples, I haven’t heard it.

Put another way, EA, in talking to PSM3 UK—PSM used to be hilarious in like 1998, I remember—says that there will be more than 40 different ways to play defensively, and 500 ways to play on offense.

To be frank for a moment, and nothing against EA, but do you even believe that for a second? I mean, I’ve been playing FIFA since the ’98 World Cup, and they’re all more or less the same game. Fun game, sure, but it’s sorta silly to listen to EA promise us the moon and the stars when it’s more or less the same game. I like ’em for the new kits, updated rosters, and so on.

But whatever. In related news, Cristiano Ronaldo told Terra in Brazil (Sky Sports also has it) that he wants to play for Real Madrid next season. So to all you wannabe Manchester United fans, I officially laugh at you. Granted, I’m moving to Barcelona in about a month, so my official policy will be to hate Real Madrd, but anything that knocks ManU fans down a pedestal is good in my book.