Upcoming Street Fighter movie won't have Ken or Ryu


Bad news, sports fans. Ken and Ryu, metaphors for the fighting game genre, will not be in the upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li movie. (This is the first I’ve heard about the movie, by the way—people still put faith in game-to-movie adaptations?) The movie’s producer says he wants to focus on developing the Chun-Li storyline as thoroughly as possible, which necessarily leaves out Ken and Ryu.

Chun-Li is played by Kristin Kreuk. Yes, her.

Other movie gossip, including its serious-or-not tone and how authentic the costumes will be, are all on the movie’s official blog.

If the producers were to take the last Street Fighter movie, and do the exact opposite of everything that happened, it wouldn’t be 100 percent terrible. High praise.