UK, Canada can now download, rent movies from iTunes


Now British and Canadian users can download moves from the iTunes Store. The UK Store has a selection of 700 movies from Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and so on. Most of the major studios, it looks like. Even nicer, more than 100 of these are available in HD. The Cousins pay £10.99 for a new movie download (£3.99 library) and £3.49 for a new rental (£2.49 library).

Canada has a little more to choose from, with 1,200 movies available from the same lot of studios. New movie downloads are Can$19.99 ($Can9.99 for library) and new movie rentals are Can$4.99 (Can$3.99).

Both countries’ rentals expire is 48 hours.

To our British and Canadian readers I ask, how much do you care? I haven’t a whole lot of commotion about not being able to download movies off iTunes or anything, and I wonder if this will even appear on your radar. You also seem to be screwed on the price, but I bet you’re used to that by now.

via iLounge