T-Mobile rolls out unlimited family plans

In what will almost unquestionably trigger another “Oh, oh, us too!” battle amongst the rest of the major carriers, T-Mobile has announced that they are rolling out unlimited plans for the whole family, available immediately.

The first line is the standard $99.99 a month, with up to 4 additional lines addable at $49.99. A family of 5 ridiculously talkative people could talk as much as they want for around 300 bucks a month. Sounds pricey, but considering that a matching plan on AT&T would currently set them back $500 ($199.99 for first two lines, $99.99 for each additional), it’s definitely a pretty huge price cute.

While the package includes unlimited talk, SMS, MMS, and IM, it does not include any data transfer. Hopefully one of the big four goes all out and throws in unlimited data to push their offering over the edge.