Remote Control Finder helps you find your remote controls


So here’s a problem many face: You’ve got your various remotes for you home theater set up, and you haven’t gotten yourself a high-end universal yet. The problem is the less you use certain remotes the more likely they are to become lost in couch cushions and the like. That’s why some people think you need this remote control finder.

You attach these space-age caddies to each of your remotes (the kit comes with three) and keep the included whistle handy. Each time you need to find a remote, blow the whistle! Like a faithful do the remotes will alert you of where they are, so you can reach down into the couch and get M&Ms stuck to your hand trying to get a hold of it. Neat!

Really, you could stick these caddies to anything you lose often. You could affix them to your keys, your wallet, or even your girlfriends. Your imagination’s all that’s limiting you!

And at only $17 (plus shipping) it’s a bargain for anyone who loses stuff all the time. But I wonder, what do you do if you lose the whistle?