Creative Commons-licensed shirts with phone-scannable codes

Seriously, I’m about to move to Japan. I think they should stop calling their phones “phones” (or the Japanese equivalent) and call them “Tricorders” (or the Japanese equivalent). Because where else in the world can you point your phone at someone else’s shirt and have one just like it sent to you? I’d love to use Nota’s intriguing service here in the US, but I’m afraid flux capacitors don’t come standard in phones like they do in Tokyo.

Or if you don’t quite like the design, you can modify it however you like because the design has a Creative Commons license? There’s a whole freaky interface for adding public flickr photos, adding text and graphics and so on (for example). Once you’re done, it’s made public and people can comment, make edits, and so on — wait, did I just get tricked into recommending a Web 2.0 mashup site? Damn your eyes, Nota!