Nvidia's new laptop graphics platform: dual-GPU "Hybrid SLI"

There is an increased need for laptops to be a person’s only computer; consequently, demands for performance are increased at the same time efficiency needs to be controlled &mdash. After all, can’t have your main machine running out of battery. NVIDIA is providing a smart, but probably expensive, solution to this problem as graphics-intensive programs, games, and rich web content begin to take their toll on battery life.

Their “Hybrid SLI” approach includes two GPUs: one low power, one high-performance. The low-power one should be sufficient for GUI acceleration, video playing and such, and the high-power one would kick in when you start a game, a hi-def DVD, or whatnot. Like a hybrid car, you’re only burning gas when you need the power, and you end up saving juice in the long run. The question is, will it be cost effective? Look for GeForce 9M branding if you’re interested.