iHome announces computer speakers that sync and charge your iPod

If you are in the market for some new desktop speakers and have an iPod, the iHome’s new iH69 and iH70 speaker system may be worth a look. The speakers feature a docking station for your iPod, which means you can charge, play and sync without having the mess of extra wires. They are Mac and PC compatible.

“The new iH69 and iH70 are a perfect marriage of sound and design, and with their charging and sync capabilities, they are the ideal, all-in-one speaker solutions for the Mac or PC that will consolidate space and bring iHome’s advanced sound technology from audio speakers to computer speakers.” said Evan Stein, Vice President of Marketing, iHome.

At the moment they are only available for pre-order at ihomeaudio.com for $99.99 and $129.99, respectively. Or you can wait for them to hit shelves at most major retailers shortly (sorry no set release date was mentioned).