IE8 launching August 20, will anyone care?

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The Beta of IE8 has been out since March, but that first release was geared towards developers and nerds. From what I’ve gleaned on the Interwebs and our own little CG chat room, it’s been pretty buggy and not very many geeks are happy with it and looking at alternative methods for their browsing needs. Some believe the brand is too tainted and that the final release of IE8 will still be a failure regardless of whether or not it’s improved over the Beta. In the 12 years or so that I was a Windows user, I mainly used Firefox because it was, well, better. Not to diss on IE since I used it for a good chunk of those 12+ years, but as soon as Firefox was stable enough, I switched and haven’t looked back.

Today, Microsoft announced that Beta 2 will be released to the masses in August. This release will be close to what the final version will be and as with any Beta release, it will contain bugs.

Have you been using IE8? Will you switch in August?