CNN pits Mac vs. the whole world

CNN is getting all up in Apple’s grill with their hot feature, “Why Macs still aren’t right for most businesses.” And, like most stories about Macs in business, they usually find a negative slant, ask a bunch analysts what they think about Macs and then find some anecdotes. Instead, Jonathan Blum rocks out with his iMac out and tries the Mac for a while, talks to people who love them, and then says “Be skeptical.”

In months of side-by-side comparisons for critical business functions like word processing, e-mail and troubleshooting, sometimes the iMac was faster, and sometimes it wasn’t. Yes, Apples can be easier to use, but expect real trouble with some applications, such as syncing your Apple to not-Apple portable devices like BlackBerrys and smartphones. I and my assistants had terrible problems getting all of our company programs to work properly.

Shitfire! Your assistants! I’m sure syncing the Blackberry with any OS requires a dedicated IT team but if you and your assistants couldn’t Google “OS X Blackberry Sync” then it must have gotten crucial down at BlumCo. In fact, the only thing he couldn’t use was GoToMyPC which could be remedied by having an IT staff that actually knew what a VPN was.

Yes, more businesses can now go to Macs – I would say they now make sense for maybe 20 companies out of 100, up from just 5 a few years back. But for the rest of us – particularly those that need basic computing and basic features – Apple is still more expensive and simply not worth the integration headaches for the average small shop.

Amen, Jonathan. Your extensive experience in systems integration definitely came into play here and considering most front end systems are web-based you really need some hard core APPZ to rock that next spreadsheet. We’re fanboys, sure, but give me some better ammunition.

But then again, maybe this is just linkbait. Maybe I fell into his trap. Maybe… naw. He’s a choad.