Two Nokia Supernova phones leaked

It seems like Nokia is pretty dedicated to their new female-focused Supernova line. The super shiny Nokia 7310 Supernova trickled out to parts of the Asian market over the weekend, and now details on two more Supernova handsets have leaked out.

The model numbers rumored to be tied to these S40 handsets are bit dubious as one has already been used by Nokia in the past, but they’re tentatively known as the 7510 and 7610. In line with the 7310, these additions to the Supernova line seem to be going for fancy aesthetics, rather than mind blowing specs.

The 7510 (pictured above) will be a quad-band/GSM clam shell coming in at 124 grams, with a QVGA internal display, monochrome external display, 2 megapixel non-AF camera with 15 FPS video recording, FM Radio, and 27 megs of internal memory with MicroSD support– certainly not Nokia’s beefiest handset.

The 7610 slider packs a bit more power into its 99 gram body, but not by much. Pretty much the same as above, save an extra 37 megs of internal memory (64 mb total) and a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus and 30 FPS video recording.

If it follows suit with the 7310, the new handsets will probably launch at a sub $300 price range, with the 7610’s specs making it marginally more expensive than the 7510. As the details were leaked on a dealer website, both devices will presumably launch fairly soon.

[Via UnwiredView]