Kindle turns heads, upsets industry execs at book show


The Kindle, she has grown into a beautiful woman.

Yup, Amazon’s industry-destroying device appears to have been quite popular at last week’s book industry soirée, where execs complained that the Kindle is going to ruin their livelihood. That is, what happens when people finally realize that it’s easier to carry one Kindle, with X number of books on it, than to carry a bunch of books? Then what?

Amazon says that its numbers, which it doesn’t release, show that people will often buy a digital copy of a book in addition to a physical one. Of course, book execs claim the exact opposite, saying that people will buy digital copies in lieu of physical ones.

And if Amazon can lower the price of the Kindle to around $200, you’re damn right I’ll stop buying physical books. (I said as much last fall.) I’d much rather read “The Last Campaign” on a Kindle than have to carry around that clunky thud of an object around.