Video: The alien! (Updated: It's a hoax)

Is this the alien everyone’s talking about, everyone’s waiting for?

From the Rocky Mountain News’ liveblog:

The film shows a window, reportedly 8 feet off the ground in a rural Nebraska town in 2003.

In the enhanced version of the video, a creature pops up in the window, looks around, and pops back down, again and again.

“It looks like the quintessential Gray, right out of E.T.,” Scheiber [a skeptic] said.

Audience members wanted to know why the creature traveled all those light years just to peep in a window.

I, too, would like to know why. Hoax much?

UPDATE So it turns out that this video is a hoax. The Rocky Mountain News now reports that a Denver man created the video in a couple hours for a grand total of $90. That said, a screengrab of the actual video, from the press conference earlier today, is now making the rounds. This is it:


As I said in our chat room, to think that our dumb planet, our dumb blue rock, is the end-all, be-all of Life is patently absurd; we still get excited over multi-touch for Pete’s sake. But I reject and denounce the idea that all aliens have to look like Mars Attacks.