Japanese scientists create world's smallest noodle bowl

A research team from the University of Tokyo managed to create a microscopic bowl of ramen (Japanese noodles), measuring 1/12,500th of an inch (1/500th of a millimeter) in length and 1.25 millionth of an inch (1/50,000th of a millimeter) in thickness.

According to Japanese media, the project’s aim is to make a contribution to the advancement of nanotechnology. The bowl was carved out of carbon nanotubes, which are normally the subject of research in electronics, for example. The material is said to be stronger than steel.

The bowl was created as early as December 2006 but the project came to light just yesterday after the university took part in a microphotography competition. Team leader Masayuki Nakao said the most difficult part was to prevent the noodles from sticking up in the bowl like alfalfa sprouts.