VUDU updates software to 1.5


VUDU has just released a new version of their software and it will fix “several issues of importance to users and includes implementation of discounted extended rentals.”

Discounted Extended Rentals: Rentals can now be extended at a discounted price for all movies on the service!

* After an original rental window has lapsed (depending on the title, 24 or 48 hours after initiating viewing or 30 days after ordering, if unwatched), you may extend the rental of that title for a discounted price.
* This option is available for 7 days following the conclusion of the rental of the original title. The original title will remain in My Rentals for that time.
* Once a rental is extended, the movie is available under the same terms as the original rental: you may store the movie for up to 30 days with 24 or 48 hours to view the movie after you start to play it.
* You will not receive a discount on a rental that has already been extended once.
* Pricing: $2.00 off new release HD rentals that are $5.99, $1.00 off all other movies, except 50 cents off $0.99 rentals.

Just out of curiosity. For those in the audience who have a VUDU box, do you get the weekly movie listing updates? If you don’t, do you want me to post those for you?