Borders Books online again after 7 years; plans to take on Amazon in hearts of bibliophiles

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Borders is back online after a long hiatus, and its looking to take on Amazon for the online book buying marketplace. But its got an uphill battle, with retail giant Amazon firmly in first place. Besides being huge, Amazon has features Borders can’t match, such as the Kindle eBook reader and in-book online searching. But Borders isn’t counting on high-tech to challenge Amazon, it’s instead turning to a rather time tested method of selling books: the bookstore.

The new retail presence is designed to evoke the feeling of browsing a bookstore, something many bookworms spend their weekends doing. It’s too early to tell if the strategy will work, but if there’s one thing many people dislike about Amazon its the actual shopping experience. Sure, if you know what you want it’s a great way to get a deal, but if you’re unsure it’s a hassle. We’re all for any alternative, let’s hope it works like it’s supposed to.