Sprint's QChat PTT going national in June

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QChat is a CDMA upgrade to Nextel’s iDEN Push-to-talk network, which increases connection performance while allowing interoperability with the legacy iDEN network. The service was originally rumored to be set to roll out nationally back in April, but hit a few delays with unknown causes.

It looks like whatever issues were causing the delays have been worked out – Sprint’s QChat PTT replacement is finally set to go live nationally next month. According above Brightpoint distribution chart, the Sanyo PRO-200 ($249.99), PRO-700 ($269.99), Samsung Z400 ($299.99), and LG LX400 ($279.99) — all QChat launch devices — should hit the shelves on June 15th. As always, early adopters are going to have to eat the higher costs.

[Via Phonenews]