Attention Northwesters: here's a great third-party cap for your Nalgene

Things have calmed down somewhat here in the Northwest since the craziness of the mid-90s. Time was once, when if you didn’t have a North Face logo and a Nalgene bottle visible at all times, you would be siezed by a mob, coated in sap, and showered with pine needles. This “sap and needling” is a barbarous thing no longer practiced, but as a consequence of living in that period, many of us here in Seattle have wide-mouth Nalgenes that, while excellent, tend to spill on your face while you drink.

There are other caps and accessories for Nalgenes; I have a rubber thing that fits in the mouth of the bottle, but it has a bit of a strange feel while drinking. Nalgene makes a narrow-mouth bottle, but it’s difficult to clean. What to do? Humangear to the rescue! The capCAP is the perfect accessory for your wide-mouth Nalgene bottle — it looks rugged and practical, comfortable to carry and drink from, and you can remove it easily for large-volume pouring or cleaning in a river bed. It’ll also work on some other brands of hardcore water bottles.

I still have my old Nalgene and I could use one of these things; you never know when the dark times might return.