McDonalds Japan to offer RFID payment and coupon system

After almost a year in development, McDonalds Japan and this country’s No. 1 mobile telecommunications company, NTT DoCoMo, presented their new electronic payment and coupon system based on RFID.

In order to join the so-called Kazasu Kuupon (“no contact coupon”) program, DoCoMo subscribers are supposed to download an application and register on McDonalds Japan’s mobile web site first. They are then able to receive digital vouchers on their cell phones. The coupons can be redeemed by tapping the phone against an RFID reader placed at McDonalds counters.

Moreover, customers can now choose their favorite meals and also pay for them via their cell phones, provided they are registered to DoCoMo’s mobile e-wallet system “iD”.

The Japan-only technology is currently being tested in 175 McDonalds stores, which are mainly located in the Tokyo area. The company plans to rapidly expand the program to a total of 3,800 stores by next year.