iPowerJacket protects and charges your iPhone

This interesting accessory appears to be a case with a built-in secondary battery/dock combo that recharges your iPhone. The product’s web site is scant on details and the contact page says “We are looking for distributors for the United States and Europe,” so it’s tough to tell if and when you’d be able to buy one of these iPowerJackets.

UPDATE: Apparently you can buy one now on Amazon for $80. Thanks Joanna!


Built-in powerful  and safe Li-Polymer rechargeable battery

Doubles the time to rock, talk, surf and send


Slim design provides maximum protection to your iPhone

Openings for earphone, microphone, speaker and camera


Hand-crafted from premium genuine leather

Stylish designs in different attractive colors to express your personality

Hand-crafted from premium genuine leather

Thanks to Jon for sending this in.