Nokia promises to allow you to transfer N-Gage games


Yesterday we reported that games purchased via Nokia’s N-Gage platform weren’t transferable to new devices. The Internet was outraged! Today, however, Nokia has responded with refreshing speed and Madeleine Albright-like diplomacy, stating that it will fix this problem once and for all. Nokia’s Conversations blog states the following:

We’ve dug in deeper and we’ve been told a fix is in the works for the recent N-Gage games transfer situation. This is excellent news and although initially it looks like it may need to be serviced through Nokia Care (as an interim solution), there is a longer-term fix in the works…

…We don’t have any timeline for the fix, but the games guys are aware how big an issue this is and doing their best to solve it.

So you see that the squeaky wheel of the Internet does, indeed, get the greasing.

via BGR