Infectious: Custom stickers for your car


I don’t think I have to tell you that 2 Fast 2 Furious is the single greatest movie in the history of American cinema. New Web 2.0 startup Infectious, founded by one of the original Twitter folks—downtime!—tries to capture some of that car, or whip, culture zeitgeist by giving users like you the opportunity to purchase custom designed car stickers. These stickers feature, in all seriousness, some fairly decent artwork that’s not unlike the kind found on Gelaskins’ work.

The stickers themselves, as this video of Hendrickson shows, are easy to apply, and can be just as easily removed with the use of a blow dryer. They’ll survive car washes and the harsh realities of Earth weather for up to two years. That’s two years to impress everyone with cool stickers on your car!

The name itself, Infectious, does strike me as odd, I must say. Very odd, indeed.

via TechCrunch