Bluetooth Brand highly Recognized

According to the research firm Millward Brown, global awareness of Bluetooth technology is at an all time high. Of those surveyed, 85% recognized that Bluetooth sells wireless items. 65% of consumers in China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the U.S and U.K. were aware of the Bluetooth logo and products that use Bluetooth technology.

The items recognized were: Mobile phones (79%); headsets (61%); and computers (56%). In four out of six countries polled, at least 60% claimed to own a Bluetooth device. Of those polled, 78% said they were willing to pay more for products that include the technology. 57% of respondents said Bluetooth “makes their lives easier.”

“The rise in popularity of Bluetooth technology over its ten year existence has been amazing,” said Michael Foley, Ph.D., executive director of the Bluetooth SIG, the trade association for Bluetooth technology made up of over 10,000 companies. “There are 2 billion devices with Bluetooth technology in the marketplace now. What started with mobile phones and headsets has spilled over into nearly every industry from gaming and cars to clothing and toys. Bluetooth technology is now an expected part of the average consumer’s lifestyle.”

Millward Brown polled around 2,500 consumers in the counties mention above. Ages ranged between 18 and 70. Those polled were heads of households who make the decision on what type of mobile technology to buy.

Millward Brown