Nokia Aeon is (slightly) more than just a concept image

About a year and a half ago, concept shots for the Aeon showed up on Nokia’s Research and Development pages, and heads around the gadget loving world proceeded to explode. With its two-part full-face touch screen and incredibly sleek design, many clamored for more. Unfortunately, as with many concept images, thats where news of development ended.

Looks like development at least went a little bit further, according to a new image UnwiredView dug up. While the Aeons in the image are purportedly live prototypes, they sure look like dummy mockups. Before making live prototypes, device developers generally make plastic demo versions just to get a rough idea of sizing, ergonomics, etc. With this rendition’s screen looking to be nothing more than a sticker, that appears to be the case. Awesome to see in the real world, but it’s just a baby step or two closer to real than rendered concept shots.

Nokia still has no plans to bring the device to market.