Sprint to cap data at 5GB or 300MB while roaming

SWC597DORA_LPISee that Sprint broadband device on the left there? It’s about to be capped, just like Sprint’s “unlimited” data plans. For shame, Sprint. For shame.

According to the SprintUsers.com forum, effective July 13th, data plans on the Sprint network will top out at 5GB per month. What’s more, if you’re roaming on another network, you’ll only get 300MB of data per month.

The 5GB limit seems somewhat reasonable, I guess, but the 300MB per month roaming limit seems like it might just lead to a tantrum tornado made of angry customers descending on Sprint’s Kansas City headquarters.

I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising, since everyone else is doing the same thing. If Sprint wants to win back customers so badly — especially business customers — maybe it should consider bucking the trend and offering true unlimited data, though.

via MobileCrunch