iRiver D5 e-dictionary looks nice, wish it had Wi-Fi


The thing about electronic dictionaries is that they’ve gotta have useable keyboards. The thing about portable internet devices is that, oftentimes, they don’t have useable keyboards. Alas, I wish these electronic dictionary manufacturers would all just start adding Wi-Fi and web browsers to these devices.

Take the iRiver D5 “Diciple”, for instance. It’s got a 3-inch, 480×272 display, 2- or 4-gigabytes of memory, and can handle MPEG-4 video, MP3/WMA/OGG, FM radio, images, and voice recording. It’s $299 or $349, depending on capacity, which seems too expensive. However, if this thing had a wireless connection and a web browser (maybe an IM client and some e-mail functionality, too), then I’d be salivating a little.

Available now in 2GB or 4GB capacities for $299 or $349, respectively — your choice of black or white.

via Pocketables