CrunchArcade: Highly unreadable list of the best PSP games you've never heard of


You know the short story (and novel) Flowers for Algernon? You know, the one where the guy WROTE IN ALL CAPS instead of using quotation marks like a learned man? This list of the “best PSP games you’ve never heard of” totally reminds me of it.

The games, for the record, are Chili Con Carnage, Work Time Fun and Crush.

Take this description for Chili Con Carnage:

This game has funny characters ( including Arnold Schwarzenegger like women in bikinis) , Crazy weapons ( mafia violon case guns) , Amazing matrix like combos , Enjoyable mexican hip hop music , great graphics for a psp standard, bizarre gameplay (with exploding chickens) and a funny storyline . The game has its shortcomings though like its too small they could have added more levels to it, It also would have been much better if it was a sandbox (freeplay) game and the last level is a unnecessary killer – its too long and too tough (the game overall is pretty simple),

Is that even English? And to think, this list received nearly 700 diggs! Amazing.