Buy a woman's scorn and a Zune for 99 cents

There are 42 minutes left on this auction for a Zune that has been run over by a charming young lady who caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

Well, this WAS my ex boyfriend’s Zune. It used to hold 60GB of music, videos, etc., until I caught him cheating on me. Now it plays nothing, except a little hide and seek with my car tires, and of course it was a bad sport. How do I know he was cheating on me, you ask? Well, this precious little
Zune held videos of the a$$ doing things with other girls, things I thought about uploading to porn sites online, then chose not to. If you can figure out how to extract that stuff from the Zune’s memory, you’re welcome to do with it as you wish. You are buying this AS IS!

Condition: It’s permanently damaged, just like the ex is. This little baby of his was one of the few things he managed not to get away with. Thanks to him taking MY digital camera with him, I had to take after-pics of the Zune with my cellphone. I just moved to a new city with this A$$, and now I have no money and need something for rent and bills. Buy this thing. It does me no good. Just like his lying a$$. Help out a strong young woman, who refuses to be taken advantage of, and won’t take $hit from anyone, including a slick 24-year-old loser motorcross racer!

While the story seems kind of fake — who puts video of their sexual conquests on their Zune — it’s nice to know there are some real gentlemen on eBay.

Q: wow. that sucks…. hope someone buys it. i find the description about hide and seek with your car tires amusing…. do u have a myspace>? May-13-08

A: thanks….i found it amusing too as i was doing it….i do have a myspace, but i don’t want to mix my ebay with my other stuff, sorry.

This is exactly the girl you want to friend on MySpace.