Sony releases the VGC-LJ25L laptop AKA the WTF-2008

I’m looking at this thing and looking at it and wondering what the heck it’s supposed to be? Is it a folding all-in-one desktop? Is it a laptop with half the screen exposed? Has Sony decided to take meth and rave all night and then spend the night in some rich guy’s house in Manhattan where everything is reflective and then decided to go and do its final design project at Pratt based on the experience? It should cost about $1,500 if Sony ever releases it here, which they won’t.

To add to the mystery, Aving writes:

Adopting a 15.4-inch wide LCD screen, the VGC-LJ25L features a holding keyboard that enables you to use the laptop efficiently even in narrow spaces.

Narrow spaces? Like the box in Cool Hand Luke?