New U.S. identity card, with RFID, could pose security threat

Not the document in question

A new passport-like travel card poses a threat to our Nation’s security because, some security experts say, it’s easily susceptible to counterfeiting. The card, which is the size of a credit card, has two identification mechanism: a photo and an RFID chip. The photo, it seems, can be removed by using a solvent, and the RFID tag could, theoretically, be re-programmed. Worst case scenario is, a “bad guy” can simply swipe out the photo and change the embedded information to show that he’s an upstanding U.S. citizen. Once inside, these experts warns us, who knows what evil they may commit.

It’s partially scare-mongering, yes, but it does highlight how the government operates. Rather than outfit the card, which is scheduled to go into circulation in July, with a tested optical strip, which is more secure but takes longer to process, State chose the quick-to-process RFID tag.

Good to see all that record spending go toward useful projects.

via Drudge Report