iSlsk SoulSeek application brings P2P file-sharing to iPhone

All of you with a jailbroken iPhone should check out iSlsk (it’s on Big Boss), an application that connects your little wonderdevice to the SoulSeek file-sharing network. SoulSeek, for the uninitiated, has plenty of rare music files from which to choose; all types of files can be found on there, but music is definitely its forté.

While you can’t upload files using the application yet, it can download files—to /var/mobile/Media/Downloads—just fine. Not having an iPhone, jailbroken or otherwise, I can’t try it, but the above video looks just great. Just great!

[On a completely unrelated and off-topic note, comedian Bill Burr turns 40 on June 10 and he needs our help. His podcast, he says, only has 15 listeners. If the number of listeners cracks 20, he’ll be much the happier. Do him a favor and subscribe. The man isn’t too bright; he moved out to Los Angeles looking to “make it” in the midst of the writers strike. The language isn’t SFW, obvs, but he’s pretty good, I think.]

via TorrentFreak