Fastmac announces first universal Mac battery charger, TruePower U-Charge

ucharge connect

Back at Macworld in January, my MacBook died in the middle of the keynote and it sucked really bad since I was in charge of pictures. If I were in possession of an extra battery we would have been fine, but I didn’t so I had to scramble around Moscone for an open outlet. Luckily for me, Fastmac hooked me up with an extra battery after the show so things like that wouldn’t happen again. But the only problem is that I have to have the battery plugged in to get it to charge. I have the NewerTech dock, but it’s way too big to travel with and only takes certain batteries, so I’m happy to report that Fastmac has solved that problem once and for all.

The TruePower U-Charge is small, lightweight and easily transportable. It charges up your PowerBook G3, iBook G3/G4, PowerBook G4, MB and MBP batteries independently. It currently only works with the 10.8V chargers, but a 14.4V charger is coming soon. Pick one up now, it’s only $70.

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