Umbro's Dynamis ball to debut at FA Cup Final: Faster, sleeker (but still no Europass Gloria)


With every major tournament or cup competition, football (soccer) manufacturers roll out “advanced” balls that promise you the stars in order to get you to buy a replica. England’s FA Cup will be awarded on Saturday, and the likes of James, Kranjcar, and Fowler (injured?) will kick about Umbro’s Dynamis. Unlike most balls, which has 32 panels (those little square-y things on the surface), Dynamis only has 20, which reduces unwanted curve, thereby increasing speed.

The Dynamis, that darling, is made of Teijin fibers. Softer, more elastic, yada yada yada.

I much prefer the design Europass Gloria. With any luck, I’ll be somewhere in Europe starting riots with fellow hooligans during the Euro.