Line for Boston Apple Store stretches four city blocks


Oh, hello there. I’m patiently waiting for the new Boylston Street Apple Store to open here in Boston. Did I need to show up four hours early? Probably not, but I just can’t resist sitting in an outdoor food court while pigeons buzz within inches of my fragile body. Seems nobody told them about the food chain and how humans are atop said food chain. Anyhoo, you might be interested to know that the line for the grand opening of the Apple Store stretches a country mile! Four city blocks to be precise.

A few randomly snapped photos after the jump.


Here’s the view from the end of the line at Commonwealth Avenue. This photo was taken at about 3:00, roughly three hours before the doors open. See the people way down the line there? They’re there, trust me. The line’s filled out a bit more, too. I’ll grab another photo as we get closer to game time to see if Apple’s got the mojo to fill out all four blocks. I’m guessing it’ll fill up. We’ll see, though.


UPDATE: The police widened these barriers out to two lanes and the people were waiting all the way down to Comm Ave. The above photo is from about 8:00, after the store had been open for two full hours already. Insanity, I tell you.


Here’s the front of the line. I overheard the guy who’s at the head of it all say that he’s been here since yesterday. Good for you, my main man.


Here’s the front of the store. The line starts to the right. The gigantic security guard standing there has been surprisingly nice and helpful so far. I watched for a while as clueless passers-by tried to just walk right into the store. Two college kids laughed when he wouldn’t let them in and showed them the line. “You guys will be open tomorrow, right?” they bellowed. Ah, to be in college again.


I present to you the front of the Apple Store — the “facade” as it were. The store is three stories high; computers and laptops on the first floor, ipods and other gadgets on the second floor, and the Genius Bar on the third floor. It’s the biggest Apple Store in the US. Take that, former biggest Apple Store! God dammit, I’m pretty sure a pigeon just touched my ear with its wing. Sick.


And finally, here’s the Apple Store from afar. The roof has grass on it, I’m told. The kind you mow, not the kind you smoke.

So that’s it for now. I’ll be inside in a couple hours. If you’d like me to look for anything in particular or if you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try to find out for you.