Dude, William Shatner Totally Loves TechCrunch

Autograph sports and celebrity memorabilia is a $1 billion/year business in the U.S. alone. The problem is, up to 90% of it is counterfeit.

Enter Los Angeles based LiveAutographs, a site that sells celebrity autographs that are guaranteed to be authentic – because they take a video of the celebrity writing the autograph and message and post it on their website. I am a huge William Shatner fan (who isn’t?), so I paid $149 to get him to sign a photo with the message “I Love TechCrunch.” Given that Shatner is just an awesome actor, I’m hoping the video shows an authentic level of love for our site.

Hey, I’m testing software. This is a writeoff.

The site has a handful of celebrities signed up to participate, including Hulk Hogan, Carmen Electra, Slash and, of course, William Shatner.