Comcast vans cause crash while street racing, 3-year-old in hospital

There have been lots of stories of Comcast technicians screwing off, falling asleep, helping themselves to food, and other odd behavior, but this is just horrible.

Two Comcast vans were street racing in Huntsvill, AL, when one lost control and wrecked, hitting a car. Inside the car was three-year-old girl who’s now in a coma, and may never come out.

Comcast as thus far been mum on the issue, but eye-witness accounts say the vans were driving up to 75 miles per hour in a 50 mile per hour zone, each trying to outdo each other. One driver was not as skilled as he though he was and crashed.

The story’s horrible enough, but so far no charges have been filed. Expect reckless driving at the most lenient, or vehicular homicide if the poor little girl doesn’t make it.