Samsung readies the first 240Hz LCDs


Samsung’s readying a display that will show video at 240Hz, twice as fast as the best displays we saw at CES this year. It’s called “Blue Phase” technology, and if it goes mainstream, your next HDTV will look just amazing.

The Hertz rating is like the refresh rate of CRTs, but isn’t quite the same. An LCD has an active, progressive image. The hertz is a measure of the speed in which the individual LCDs respond to the changes in the data. The faster the response, the more realistic the image.

The side-by-side difference between 60Hz (which most current LCDs are) and 120Hz was on display at CES, though it’s difficult to show the difference via the Web. We’d recommend stopping by your favorite big box store and see if they have a similar comparison. Then image how much better a 240Hz would look. Then fret about the giant TV you just spent all that money on.