Microsoft's Kim: Xbox still has four years of life, and it's not all about Blu-ray

shanekimcontrollerStopping short of saying Blu-ray is coming to the Xbox 360 (hurry up, guys), Microsoft Games Studio’s head Shane Kim said that the Xbox 360 is expected to have a seven-year lifespan. That gives us about 4 years left on the console before we see a new Xbox.

Kim was talking about the “long tail” expected of the 360, and it was noted that the PS3 has an expected 10 year tail. When asked about the fact that the console would start to be long in the tooth before long, he said that we’d see more technical innovation and perhaps additional abilities to the current format. What that means is yet to be seen, but we still think that if the 360 doesn’t get Blu-ray, and soon, it will continue to lose ground to the Blu-ray-toting (and touting) PS3.